Workshop | October 22

We invite you to cooperate on the green currency for Gdansk

On October 22nd in Gdansk a meeting will be held on the project Greencoin - an ecological currency for Gdansk. 

Consortium led by Gdansk University of Technology invites representatives of business, third sector, local government and informal groups to cooperate.

With climate change threatening us and environmental problems in the city, it has become an extremely important social issue to prevent further environmental degradation. 

More ideas and initiatives are emerging to reduce the carbon footprint - restrictions or taxes to discourage overuse of the planet's resources. 

Greencoin project is a unique project that focuses on positive behaviors and attitudes. It wants to promote and reward them among citizens of Gdansk.

To be successful, the currency should address the real needs of city residents and bring together stakeholders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who are concerned about the future of our planet. 

To attend, please fill out the form below and come to the meeting on October 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To attend, please fill out the form below and come to the meeting on October 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Our assessment

The problem of modern cities does not lie in the lack of green solutions and technologies.
The problem lies in their availability to citizens and the lack of incentives to change the behaviour.

The Greencoin concept

What if...?

If a person who behaves in an ecologically responsible way were given resources to spend on further ecological solutions (products, services, technologies), then a self-perpetuating mechanism for promoting sustainable behaviour would be developed.

This is the idea behind the Greencoin system.

Schemat Greencoin

Greencoin model assumptions


the primary objective of the project is to promote pro-environmental behaviour


the system should be open
and increase accessibility
to green solutions


the system will be a digital currency employing modern technologies


After a testing phase, the currency could be implemented in other cities


the system is intended to bring together actors and persons involved in environmental and climate protection


from 2024, the software developed by the team would be open and freely accessible to the public

Challenges of the research

We have identified three areas where detailed research and development work needs to be carried out before introducing the system to Gdansk, the city that will be our living research laboratory.


How to build a Greencoin community?


How to ensure optimal system performance?


How does one estimate the value of Greencoin?

Project timeline

03.2021-12.2022 Preparatory phase
Research and development


At this stage, we will carry out research and development work.

We will engage with stakeholders willing to participate in the testing phase.

12.2022-11.2023 Testing phase
Gdansk - a living laboratory


We will test the currency model in Gdansk in cooperation with the municipal authorities.

until 2024 Concluding phase
Evaluation of the system


We will evaluate the system, summarise the testing phase, define the assumptions on how the model can be developed.

2024 onwards Post-project phase
Opening and development


The Greencoin system would become an open source program. The currency would become available for introduction in other cities.

Want to know more?

We look forward to your comments
We will be happy to tell you about our activities
We are open for cooperation 

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