Jakub Zawieska PhD

Jakub Zawieska (PhD) works as an assistant professor at the Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Jakub’s research interest focus on the evolution of smart city concept, sustainable urban mobility, travel behaviour, socio-economic impact aspects of sustainable development. Jakub is also interested sustainable mobility policy measures, development of technology driven smart mobility, as well as implementation of disruptive technologies and innovative business models in transport sector in cities.

Michał Jakubczyk PhD

Michał Jakubczyk is an associate professor at the Decision Support and Analysis Department at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. His research interests focus on health preference research and health technology assessment (HTA), see http://michaljakubczyk.pl for a list of publications. Michał is an appreciated lecturer in the area of decision analysis at the undergraduate, graduate, and MBA levels. He is also a practitioner in HTA: for over 10 years he has been a co-owner of the HealthQuest (http://www.healthquest.pl). Contact: michal.jakubczyk@sgh.waw.pl.

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